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Respond to problems quickly, and avoid unnecessary visits

Eyes On Sitetm watches your remote primitive sites when you can’t. An effective solution for oilfield, construction, roadways, agriculture, anywhere outdoor security matters.

Eyes On Post

Your remote primitive site lacks basic services such as heating, cooling, shelter, power, and data cables. In fact, your primitive site might be a muddy pit full of dinosaur fossils, or pipeline gear. Eyes On Sitetm is designed for outdoor locations in freezing cold and beating sun, with only a fence rail, pipe or tree branch to sit on. Eyes On Sitetm runs 24/7 with one hour of direct sun per day, or 6 hours of drizzle and cloud. Cell data service can come from a tower 100 km away.

With Eyes On Sitetm you’ll be alerted when you have visitors, with HD-quality pictures.

Eyes On Sitetm is simple to buy, simple to install, and simple to operate.

  • Simple to Buy directly from this website, with next-day delivery. Eyes On Sitetm may fit in your purchasing authority.
  • Simple to Install in 5 minutes with a screwdriver. Attach to its perch, point in the right direction, and turn it on.
  • Simple to Operate with self-configuring field units viewable from any web browser.

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